Author: andymarjoribanks

Virtual Tour of the Canongate

Part 4 In our previous Virtual Tour we travelled down the High Street as far as the Netherbow Port and the World’s End Pub. If you missed this article click here for more information. In Part 4 we will follow our Virtual tour of the Canongate which is inaccurately considered to be the last section […]

Virtual Tour of Edinburgh – Part 2

Part 2 – The Lawnmarket In Part 1 of our Virtual video Tour of Edinburgh we took you on a short tour of Castlehill and Edinburgh Castle. Following on from this in Part 2 of our Virtual Tour of Edinburgh, we come next to the Lawnmarket. It is a significantly longer section than Castlehill. Along […]

Virtual Tour of Edinburgh – Part I

Part 1 – Edinburgh Castle and Castlehill Many people will not get a chance to visit the beautiful city that I call home – Edinburgh. Now is a particularly pertinent time as most of the countries around the world have suspended travel across their borders. So take our Virtual Tour of Edinburgh to see parts […]