Part 1 – Edinburgh Castle and Castlehill

Many people will not get a chance to visit the beautiful city that I call home – Edinburgh. Now is a particularly pertinent time as most of the countries around the world have suspended travel across their borders. So take our Virtual Tour of Edinburgh to see parts of our medieval city.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Cab Tours, like all other tour operators here, should have been starting our busiest time of the year this month. However, COVID-19 has temporarily put that on hold. So, for our visitors who were booked to come to Edinburgh over the coming months, we are bringing Edinburgh to you.

Although this will never replace being here in person, we hope that you will enjoy the virtual tours of Edinburgh. We will be posting a series of virtual tours for your enjoyment over the next week or so.

Scottish Wars of Independence

So, to start your virtual tours of Edinburgh, we begin with the highest point in Edinburgh’s Old Town at Edinburgh Castle. Understandably, there have been different incarnations of Edinburgh Castle due to the numerous times that it has been attacked over the centuries. It changed hands several times between the English and the Scots during the Scottish Wars of Independence. The Wars began in the late 13th century and eventually ended in the mid 14th century. Significant damage was done to the Castle and eventually had to be rebuilt.

The Lang Siege

However, that was not to be the last time that the Castle was attacked. 1571 saw the longest siege ever to take place on Edinburgh Castle, finally coming to an end in 1573. It became known as “The Lang Siege.” The conflict this time was not between the Scots and the English. The Catholics held out against the Protestant Presbyterians on behalf of the deposed Mary Queen of Scots. When they were finally defeated, the Castle went through a period of major construction. Now it is Scotland’s most visited attraction. If you have enjoyed this virtual tour of Edinburgh but want to find out more information about Edinburgh Castle visit the official Edinburgh Castle website.

Although visiting Edinburgh, or indeed Scotland, may not be on your immediate horizon, take a look at our range of tours to give you some food for thought in the future.